This half term we are doing gymnastics and cricket in our PE lessons.

In gymnastics, we have focused on different balances, jumps and ways of travelling. We have been building up to link these different skills together to perform a routine. At the end of each lesson we peer assess so that we can improve our skills the following week.

Pig Heart Boy

Wow – what a fantastic two weeks we have had! We have been reading Pig Heart Boy (by Malorie Blackman) in our English lessons and at the end of each school day. During English we have been exploring the use of figurative language and action to convey character emotions as well as writing setting descriptions. We then planned our own chapter in the style of Pig Heart Boy. All of the children worked hard on their chapters and I have been blown away by the attention to detail and descriptive writing. Here are some examples of our work:

Ancient Greek Day

Year 6 have had a fantastic start to our new term. On Tuesday we started our new topic by taking part in an Ancient Greek day. We learnt about the history of Greece, the areas that made up Ancient Greece, the battle between Sparta and Athens before exploring Greek mythology, food, the criteria required to be a soldier and Ancient Greek Medicine. We had an amazing day and learnt lots of new information to support our topic… we even made our own butter!

Happy Christmas

Year 6 have had another superb week and worked extremely hard right until the final day. This week we had our second forest school session and created our own shelter; we used our imaginations to gather natural resources for our shelter and had to decide the position and types of knot to use.

Our Carol Concert was amazing – thank you so much to Year 5 and Year 6 for making it fantastic; your singing was outstanding.

I hope you all have a well deserved rest over the Christmas holidays – you deserve it. Happy Christmas!

Mrs Binney

Fungus or Bacteria Microorganism?

In Science, Year 6 have been learning about living things and for the past two weeks we have focused on microorganisms. This week we looked at the classification of microorganisms using the Linnaean System. We explored the differences between Eukaryotic microorganisms and Prokaryotic microorganisms. We used play-dough to make one of these microorganisms, thinking carefully about their properties.

Who killed Chico Mendez?

Our Geography lesson had a twist this week as we became police investigators.

We were presented with a police case – a 44 year old man named Chico Mendez had been murdered (shot in cold blood) and we needed to assess the evidence to decide who his murderer was.

We had a list of possible suspects, some human uses of rainforests facts and an information report about Chico himself. We each took on a different role and worked together to solve this case. We then presented our findings to the rest of the class.

By doing this, we were not only enjoyed a practical lesson but we also learnt about the different human uses of the rainforest.

The question is: Who killed Chico Mendez?

Week 4

We have had a fantastic week! Year 6 have been learning about shape in maths and were very excited to have a practical maths lesson. We started by exploring nets of shapes before facing some problems to solve – we had to test different nets (given in an image) to see if they would work then use our reasoning skills to explain why they would not work before making the correct net.

Today we were very lucky to have an author visit us – Liz Million. She talked us through how she draws her illustrations for her stories before letting us have a go! The theme was horror and linked into our Francis horror story – so we drew some scary characters you might see in a scary narrative!

I did knock first….

This week we started a new genre of writing: HORROR! We were introduced to the short film ‘Francis’ on Monday and we have spent the week exploring the techniques used within the film and the narrative to build up tension. We then wrote our own setting description of Quetico Provincial Park, based on the night Francis was there.

Below are some examples of our work… don’t read them alone!

Forest School

Year 6 won the crisp packet recycling challenge last term and we were rewarded with an afternoon in our fantastic forest school. The session was led by Miss Owens and the focus was trust. It was pouring with rain but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits!

We had to blind fold a partner as they led us through an obstacle course marked out with string. We had to trust that our partners would ensure we would not get into danger, although I think some of us may have walked into a tree or two!

We thoroughly enjoyed our session and can’t wait for the next one.