Laika the Space Dog

On Thursday afternoon we went to Sacred to watch an opera performance of ‘Laika the Space Dog’ led by English Touring Opera. We were very apprehensive because most of the class hadn’t seen an opera performance. We had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed the show (although the ending was quite sad!). We even had the opportunity to join in with the songs we had learnt last week during the music workshop; Jack and Anna even ended up on stage! Not only did we experience opera for the first time, many of us learnt about the first animal in space. What was your favourite part?


Eden Camp

On Thursday we were lucky enough to visit Eden Camp. Although our journey was much longer than expected, this didn’t dampen our spirits. Eden Camp is a WW2 museum set in the buildings and grounds of an original Prisoner of War Camp that held Italians and Germans. We loved exploring each hut which took us on a journey through WW2, including the Blitz (which some of us may have found quite frightening!) and women at war. This visit fitted into our current history unit and really brought our learning to life. What did you enjoy most about Eden Camp? Can you share some of your learning from our WW2 unit?

Persuasive Writing

Over the past 2 weeks we have been exploring the features of persuasive writing. We have linked it to evacuation and our aim is to persuade a young mother to evacuate her children so they are safe during WW2.

Next week we will be planning and writing a persuasive letter to the mother but before we can do that, we needed to understand the language required to persuade. We practised this by up-levelling a persuasive paragraph – there are some examples from the class below.

Who can name some of the features of persuasive writing?

Computing at RGS

This week we were lucky enough to be invited to RGS to participate in a computing workshop. The workshop was based on encryption. Encryption is the process of encoding a message or information in a way that only authorised people can access it and those who are not authorised cannot access it.

We started off by looking at the history of encryption which began during the Ancient Egyptian era and continued through the years including the Romans who used encryption – this is now named Caesar Cipher.

We were given a basic code and needed to use our skills to decode it on an Excel spreadsheet. Once we had mastered the technique, the codes became harder. Eventually we had the opportunity to create our own codes for encryption.


We are lucky to have an NUFC coach who comes to teach us hockey every Tuesday. Last week we practised how to keep control of the ball and this week we developed this to dribbling at speed. We then moved on to keeping control of the ball whilst under pressure with defenders trying to intersect it before we could score a goal. At the end of the lesson we put our skills into action by playing games.

Crochets and Quavers

This week in music we built upon our work from last week. We recapped crochets and quavers (and even a semi quaver!) before using instruments to create our own piece of music. We then performed to the rest of the class before declaring the Tuesday group as the winners!

Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 have settled in well to their new Year 6 environment over the past three days. This week we have learnt:

  • What a crochet and quaver is (to read music!)
  • Features and characteristics we inherit from our parents
  • The events which led to the WW2
  • Place value of numbers up to 10,000,000 and beyond
  • How to use imagery in our own writing

Below are our spellings for this half term.