World Book Day

Year 6 have had such a fantastic day. Our book for the day was Journey by Aaron Becker and Mrs Binney was very happy when she realised nobody in Year 6 had seen it before.

We were engaged immediately when we started our day by exploring the front cover and predicting what we thought may happen. Then we carefully looked at the illustrations and the journey taken by the little girl.

Once we had been captured by her journey, we then thought about our own journey. If we had a magic crayon, where would our journey take us? We used our amazing imaginations to create a diary entry to share the moment we opened our imaginary door.

During the afternoon, we worked in groups to think more about what our imaginary world would look like. We worked in small groups to create a scene from our world.

Year 6 have worked very hard today and they should be proud of all the work produced.

“I enjoyed it when we made the scenes as I really enjoy drawing and painting. I also liked how we worked together in groups.” E

” I liked everyone’s outfits and my favourite part of the day was when we did our art on the book called Journey” F

“I enjoyed when we got to write about our own world using our imagination.” A

Heart Experts

This week to end our ‘Animals including Humans’ Science topic and consolidate our knowledge of the cardio-vascular system we had a very special lesson: a pig heart dissection! A pig heart you say? Why a pig heart? Well, as Finn correctly explained, they are anatomically similar to human hearts, and therefore perfect for our dissection. Joining us for the session were Mr Messer, a heart imaging specialist, and his colleague Laura, a general surgeon. Mr Messer showed us some heart echos which illustrated the sorts of problems people can have with their hearts, such as faulty valves, and Laura showed us the correct surgical technique to use during our dissection. Mrs Damti was so impressed by the maturity and knowledge shown by Year Six, and I think we have some budding surgeons among us! Please take a look at what we got up to but be warned, they do contain blood!

Islamic Art

We have been learning about Islam over the past 2 weeks during our RE lessons. This week we focused on the importance of Islamic art and carefully examined the patterns, calligraphy and detail. Islamic art often focuses on plants because it is a celebration of the beauty of the world created by God. Here are some examples of our Islamic art.

Les Prépositions

This week in French we were learning about prepositions. After a recap of our previous learning, we put our knowledge into action! Next week, we will build upon this learning by thinking about the position of different items in the rooms of our house.

Brexit: Boo or Hurray?

Year 6 have been deep in discussion this afternoon regarding Brexit. Mrs Binney is going to handover to some of the children in Year 6 to share their thoughts on this hot topic.

For Brexit:

J- I am for Brexit because then we do not have to have to take part in as many arguments that involve other EU countries and we will be able to prioritise our own country and own actions.

D- I support Brexit because we can still be friends and it is good in many ways for us and the EU.

E: Even though there are many bad things, there are also good things such as it would be easier for members of parliament . Also it opens us up many more possibilities and will help our great country.

Against Brexit:

B – I am against Brexit. I think the UK would be better off if we stayed with the EU. We would not have free trade and everything would cost more than it did before. The UK needs to invest in money for fixing Big Ben (which will cost half a million pounds) and for other political reasons.

A – Brexit does not give England any benefits, only that we lose money.

E – I am against Brexit because I reckon that the prices of many foods will go up because it will be more expensive to import food in and out of our country. I also think that many major companies will move out of Britain because it will be too expensive to import food in to England. This is why I think we should stay in the European union.

K – Brexit should not exist. For one reason – what’s the point in doing it? The UK was perfectly fine inside the EU – but the vote had to be made randomly. Brexit started in 2016, so they just could have ended it halfway through. For some people this might have a MASSIVE impact as they are planning a holiday or going back to their family.

D – Brexit should not even be a word from my point of view; the UK used to be joined in the EU, and there used to be 28 countries within the European Union, but tonight at 11:00PM, we will unfortunately not be apart of this “community” anymore. We still do not know the risks of Brexit. However, after the 31st January, we will know what will happen next. Whether it is going to stop us from going on holiday, having different passports, and many more different cases – we will not find out for a while. Now all we have to do is wait.


This half term we are doing gymnastics and cricket in our PE lessons.

In gymnastics, we have focused on different balances, jumps and ways of travelling. We have been building up to link these different skills together to perform a routine. At the end of each lesson we peer assess so that we can improve our skills the following week.

Pig Heart Boy

Wow – what a fantastic two weeks we have had! We have been reading Pig Heart Boy (by Malorie Blackman) in our English lessons and at the end of each school day. During English we have been exploring the use of figurative language and action to convey character emotions as well as writing setting descriptions. We then planned our own chapter in the style of Pig Heart Boy. All of the children worked hard on their chapters and I have been blown away by the attention to detail and descriptive writing. Here are some examples of our work:

Ancient Greek Day

Year 6 have had a fantastic start to our new term. On Tuesday we started our new topic by taking part in an Ancient Greek day. We learnt about the history of Greece, the areas that made up Ancient Greece, the battle between Sparta and Athens before exploring Greek mythology, food, the criteria required to be a soldier and Ancient Greek Medicine. We had an amazing day and learnt lots of new information to support our topic… we even made our own butter!

Happy Christmas

Year 6 have had another superb week and worked extremely hard right until the final day. This week we had our second forest school session and created our own shelter; we used our imaginations to gather natural resources for our shelter and had to decide the position and types of knot to use.

Our Carol Concert was amazing – thank you so much to Year 5 and Year 6 for making it fantastic; your singing was outstanding.

I hope you all have a well deserved rest over the Christmas holidays – you deserve it. Happy Christmas!

Mrs Binney